Museu de Lisboa (Museum of Lisbon), former Museu da Cidade (City Museum), is a multi-branched museum in which Lisbon and its stories reveal themselves under different perspectives. The Museum comprises five different locations - Palácio Pimenta, Santo António, Teatro Romano, Casa dos Bicos and Torreão Poente - with complementary subjects and competences, sharing a mission, an identity and an image. The purpose is to present Lisbon in different ways, in order to convey the richness of one of the oldest cities in Europe.

In addition to the Theatre, another Roman monument is run by the Museum of Lisbon: the Roman Galleries of Rua da Prata, discovered underground in Lisbon in 1771, following the earthquake of 1755.  They open to the public twice a year.

Featured parts

Statue of Silenus

Terreiro do Paço 17th century

Saint Anthony freeing his father from the gallows