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    The Museum of Lisbon is a city museum which aims to present the cultural, social, economic, political, anthropological and territorial identity of the city of Lisbon, reflecting its historical evolution and that of the peoples who characterise it.


    Its aim is to awaken curiosity about the geographic location and its human occupation throughout time, its relationship with the river as a connecting link between the banks and as a gateway to the World. By interpreting Lisbon through the material and immaterial testimonies exhibited, we get to know the city’s multicultural heritage – past and present – and so contribute towards retaining these testimonies for the future.


    It is a multi-site museum which agglomerates five spaces with complementary patrimonial vocations: Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta; Museu de Lisboa - Santo António; Museu de Lisboa - Teatro Romano; Museu de Lisboa - Casa dos Bicos; Museu de Lisboa - Torreão Poente.


    Museum of Lisbon – Palácio Pimenta; Museum of Lisbon – Saint Anthony; Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre; Museum of Lisbon – Casa dos Bicos; Museum of Lisbon – West Tower.

    Joana Sousa Monteiro

    Deputy Director

    David Felismino


    Museu de Lisboa - Santo António


    Pedro Teotónio Pereira

    Museu de Lisboa - Teatro Romano


    Lídia Fernandes