Fragments of Colour. Azulejo tiles of the Museum of Lisbon
03 Jun 2016 to 25 Set 2016
Temporary exhibition

Distinguishing features of Lisbon, Azulejo tiles occupy a firm position among the many attractions of this city, a long time producer and consumer of this particular ceramic application.

The Museum has a large collection of azulejo tiles, which for their sheer number, variety and quality are thought constitute one of the most important collections in the country, consisting mainly of those recovered from demolished or renovated buildings, ruins and archaeological interventions.

With the aim of sharing this important collection with the public, this exhibition, curated by José Meco, one of the most reputed experts in this area, seeks to show some of the best examples in the Museum of Lisbon collection, through a diachronic perspective from the sixteenth century to the present day, displaying both interior and exterior examples, representing different styles and uses.

An inexhaustible source of creation and recreation, azulejo tiles continue to set the mood even today for diverse artistic manifestations such as fashion design and urban art, in a reinvented form in panels and façades, and often integrated into architectural projects.

Through a video made especially for the exhibition, various creative expressions will be shown, in which the colour, brightness and luminescence of the tiles are permanent focus of seduction.