Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta
Long-term Exhibition

The exhibition of the main site of the Museum of Lisbon presents a chronological tour of the evolution of the city from the human occupation of the territory during Pre-history to the early twentieth century, divided into periods or decisive events in the development of the city of Lisbon, in its most diverse areas - urban, economic, political, and social. To note, the flagship model of the city of Lisbon before the earthquake of 1755, with the 3D reconstruction of some of its urban centres and most famous buildings.

Forecast for 2017 is the progressive opening of a new long-term exhibition resulting from a museum interpretation of the history of Lisbon.

Another space belonging to the Museum of Lisbon - Palácio Pimenta, is the Pavilhão Preto (Black Pavilion). Located in the gardens, it is intended for the presentation of temporary short- to medium-term exhibitions, mainly the responsibility of the Museum but also welcoming exhibitions from other sources.