Museu de Lisboa - Santo António
Long-term Exhibition

The Santo António site of the Museum of Lisbon allows us to meet Saint Anthony in person, emphasizing his relationship with Lisbon, the city where he was born and lived until the age of 20.

The rich iconography of Saint Anthony is given pride of place in the exhibition, showing how his image was built over the centuries; it refers to his posthumous military career, during which he held several positions in Portugal, Brazil, Macau and African countries in the sixteenth century; the history of the Church that is dedicated to him, erected on the site traditionally considered his birthplace; the service rendered to him and the unique forms that it takes in Portugal and in the countries of Portuguese evangelization; and finally, his reputation as a miracle worker, the traditions associated with him (Patron Saint of Weddings, Patron Saint of lost objects) and the various festivities (the procession, weddings, street festivals, marches) complete the exhibition circuit.

In parallel with the works from the museum's collection, the exhibition features pieces from public and private collections which are periodically renewed, providing a revelation of the heritage connected with Saint Anthony dispersed throughout the country.