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FIMFA ● Big Bugs Show

Mr. Image Theatre (Netherlands)

  • 4, 5 JUN 2022 11AM & 4PM

04 — 05 Jun 202211h – 17h


+ 4 years old

Free admission, subject to prior admission:

Each person may book a maximum of 6 tickets.
Tickets may be picked up in advance at the ticket office of Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta.

The Big Bugs are coming! Imagine coming face to face with a human-sized beetle! Admiring its furry paws and maybe even stroking them... These creatures are friendly to humans, but beware... never feed them!

Special insects visiting us include a huge ladybug, a giant cockroach, a stag beetle and a woodboring beetle

These wonderful giant insects will "mess up" the streets and provoke a mixture of astonishment, shock and laughter. But don't panic! We will be joined by the Forester, who will keep everything under control!

Mr. Image Theatre was founded in Amsterdam by 1995 by Iva Kostovic-Mandick and Petar Mandick, stage directors and performers known for their unique visual theatre and realistic masks which speak to all kinds of audiences and continually explore new dimensions in masked performance. "We believe that street theatre can be more than just 'entertainment'. It should also be engaging and convey some kind of message."



Concept and creation: Iva Kostovic-Mandick, Petar Mandick
Performers: Alexander Szivkov, Anton Rudakov, Petar Mandick, Tobias Kaiser, Victor Bottenbley
Production: I&P Theatre Productions
Technique: street theatre, masks
Language: Spanish and English
Audience: Families and the general public from 4 and up (To be classified by CCE)

FIMFA 2022 full programme is available at the festival's website.

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