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Tertúlia Coimbrã de Miratejo

  • 24 FEB 2022 6PM

24 Feb 202218h – 20h

Free admission, subject to prior registration: or 215 818 530

At the Roman Theatre, we believe that February is a lyrical month so we went looking for ballads of Portuguese tradition! Integrating voice (Filipe Lopes, Francisco Naia, Joaquim Monteiro), Portuguese guitar (Nuno Cadete, Ricardo Albino) and Viola (Nuno Correia), Tertúlia Coimbrã de Miratejo promotes traditional Coimbra music, honoring the unavoidable figures of Canção de Coimbra and the authors and performers who later assumed their lyrical line in a context of political and social intervention (Augusto Hilário, Edmundo Bettencourt, Luiz Góes, Artur and Carlos Paredes, Zeca Afonso, Adriano Correia de Oliveira, among others). The different types of Fado from Coimbra can be heard with a glass of wine in hand, in another Bacchus Hour!


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Bacchus Hour

  • Roman Theatre


    • 26 AUG 2021 6PM

    26 Aug 202118h – 20h

    Marifá and Nuno Faria

    Marifá (voice) and Nuno Faria (contrabass, guitar and percussion)

  • Roman Theatre


    • 20 SEPT 2021 — 6PM

    30 Sep 202118h – 19h

    Stone Bones & Bad Spaghetti

    Live music and wine tasting

  • Roman Theatre


    • 28 OCT 2021 6PM

    28 Oct 202118h – 19h

    Vicente-Faustino-Melo Alves

    Live music and wine tasting, sponsored by Adega Cooperativa de Pegões

  • Roman Theatre


    25 Nov 202118h – 19h

    Daniela Onís (voice) and Rúben Alves (piano)

    Live music and wine tasting, with the support of the Santo Isidro de Pegões Agricultural Cooperative

  • Roman Theatre


    • 31 MAR 2022 6pm

    31 Mar 202218h – 20h

    Sérgio das Neves

    Performance and wine tasting

  • Roman Theatre


    • 28 APR 2022 6pm

    28 Apr 202218h – 20h

    Zé Pinho & Friends

    Music and wine tasting

  • Roman Theatre

    30 Jun 202218h – 19h

    Maria Tango

    Live music and wine tasting