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Topographic map of the city of Lisbon

RIBEIRO, João Pedro




Map of the city of Lisbon, showing in pink the areas occupied by the old city, destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, with the reconstruction project, produced by architects Eugénio dos Santos Carvalho and Carlos Mardel, superimposed in yellow. (2000 span scale).

As well as documenting the pre-earthquake city with topographic precision, it shows the entire area between S. Paulo to the west and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in the Alfama neighbourhood to the east, and to the north, S. Roque, Rossio and Socorro.

This map indicates the area covered by the reconstruction plan, S. Paulo, the hill of S. Francisco, Chagas and the city gates of Santa Catarina, and particularly the regularisation of the entire zone between Rossio and Terreiro do Paço. For this area, the project marked out a geometric orthogonal outline, with a hierarchy of roads, defined around the two most emblematic squares in the city: Rossio and Praça do Comércio (formerly Terreiro do Paço).

1 Planta topográfica da cidade de Lisboa Museu de Lisboa.jpg

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