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C. 1920



The field of this banner is composed of two fabrics: the first, cream coloured silk taffeta and the other, black silk cannelé. The coat of arms is embroidered with polychrome silk and metallic thread, using satin stitch, long and short stitch and purl. It is trimmed with cream-coloured silk cord and, hanging down the left-hand side, are identical cords from which dangle six gold metallic tassels (laminated thread and sequins). 

The coat of arms of the city shown here corresponds to the blazon changed in 1920. On 28 September that year, the Municipal Senate, seeking to show separation from the central authority and, in this spirit, change the charter of King Carlos I, dated 1897, decided on a new coat of arms for Lisbon. As well as adopting a gyronny field of black and white, it shows a Roman bireme with a raven, stripped of any allusion to religious devotion by referring not to Saint Vincent but to a military device, the Roman corvus. Surrounding the shield, the collar of the Order of the Tower and Sword, bestowed on the city by decree on 3 June 1920.


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