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With your feet in the water and your eyes on the sky

  • 15 JAN 2022 3:30PM
  • 21 NOV 2021 3:30PM

21 Nov 2021 — 15 Jan 202215h30 – 17h

Duration: 90 minutes

+8 years old

Tickets: 3€ (includes the visit to the Museum)
Tickets available at

During the reign of King Dom Manuel I, from Lisbon one could travel to Brazil, to China or the Moluccas islands. How did navigators do it? By looking at the sky or looking at the sea?

In this workshop visit, families are invited to travel like in the 16th century by constructing a quadrant to reach Lisbon to discover the profound architectural, social and cultural transformations affecting the city at that time.

Com os pés na água e os olhos no céu Museu Conde Castro Guimarães.jpg

© Museu de Lisboa

Lisbon in the time of king Manuel I