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Lisbon people of the 12th century

Muslims, jews and christians

  • 05 FEB 2022 11AM
  • 23 OCT 2022 03PM
  • 24 OCT 2021 11:30AM
  • 10 JUN 2021 11AM + 02:30PM

05 Feb 2022 — 24 Oct 202111h – 12h30

Tickets: 5€
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This walking tour between the castle's hill, Mourario and the old jewish quarter shows a plural Lisbon, in which multiple confessions lived and coexisted:  christians, muslims and jews.

How was the city organized? How did from an arab experience to a christian one? What are the evidences of this coexistence?

In this walking tour we challenge the audience to look at this civerse Lisbon.

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