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Silêncio que vão cantar os pássaros

Nils Miesel and Rodrigo Pedreira

25 Mar 202320h – 22h

Free admission, limited to 40 people

+ 6 years old

This is an intense sensorial experience using strobe lighting. It is a durational performance and the audience can enter, leave and move around during the performance.

What is life like for the animals that live in trees, on the ground and under the surface of a garden? Is there silence? Do we hear other kinds of songs? Who sings louder, the birds or the cars? We decided to listen to and watch the garden, its inhabitants and its surroundings. Through the contrast between green and grey, we travel through a sound and visual landscape that explores our condition in the face of nature: we are internal and not external.


© Cláudia Pereira

Efeito de estufa