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Guided tour by the educational service

  • 06 OCT 2021 5PM
  • 24 JUL 2021 3:30PM

06 Oct 202117h – 18h30

Tickets: €3 (grants access to the whole venue)
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For more than half a century, Amália Rodrigues sang Lisbon, incarnating and projecting the city inside and outside the country. The figure of the fado singer, fueled by the media industry, contributes to a renewal of fado imagery and the city. In the 1940s, sculptor Joaquim Valente was responsible for one of the most iconic plastic representations of the fado singer. With head bowed, eyes closed, face serene, Valente's bust portrays Amália in communion with her emotions and fado. This work would become emblematic when appearing on the cover of the album, recorded in 1962, in which Amália calls to song, for the first time, the voices of erudite poets and with which the fado singer begins her artistic partnership with the composer Alain Oulman. Untitled, seminal and revolutionary, the album would forever be known as Busto. Joining the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of the fado singer, revisiting the collections of the Museum of Lisbon, this exhibition tells the story of this bust.

On the anniversary of Amália Rodrigues' death, the museum proposes a guided visit to the exhibition "In my smile my surrender. A bust of Amália by Joaquim Valente", a temporary exhibition that can be seen at the Museum of Lisbon - Palácio Pimenta until 31 October.


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In my smile my surrender

  • Pimenta Palace

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