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Denim and coble stones

  • 8 and 9 MAY 2021 10:30AM

08 — 09 May 202110h30

> 6 years old

Tickets: 5€
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Let’s look closely at the ground we walk on. Let’s think about the human geography of these stones that have paved the ground since 1500, as history records. Tales of a white rhino, of people walking on mud, of processions from the royal palace to the cathedral for the anniversary of King Manuel I, the “Fortunate”. Is that what we are talking about? Let’s see. What really matters is to look carefully at the ground we walk on and to think about those who place poems beneath our feet. 

Every month until October 2021, and in the different venues of the Museum of Lisbon, the actor/narrator Ana Sofia Paiva and the singer/composer Marco Oliveira will examine stories and legends through narrating and reading folk tales, life stories, extracts, poems and facts surrounding the idea of Lisbon with musical interjections linked to urban song and the soundscape of the city’s everyday life. 

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© Museu de Lisboa

A story called Lisbon

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