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Mocambo, my Love

  • 5—6 JUN 2021 10:30AM

05 — 06 Jun 202110h30

> 6 years old

Tickets: 5€
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By Ana Sofia Paiva (actor and narrator) and Marco Oliveira (singer/composer)

"Só tens ó Madragoa / Nos lábios doce mel / No peito um coração."

[Oh Madragoa / There is sweet honey on your lips / And a big heart in your chest] 

What stories does the 18th-century Mocambo neighbourhood in Lisbon still have to tell us? Who lived there? And where are the grains of sand carried by seagulls that are said to have formed the old Esperança neighbourhood to be found? To find out, we will inevitably delve into the book Recordações da Preta Fernanda and ponder the compelling life stories. After all, it wasn’t so long ago… 

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A story called Lisbon