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Installation of a portico with decorative plates depicting popular verses

  • 7 FEB – 29 MAY 2022 10AM–6PM

07 Feb 2022 — 29 May 202210h – 18h

Paper carnations, potted basil, ceramic plates, handkerchiefs. These are some of the things we associate with the traditional popular verses dedicated to Saint Anthony, commemorating the saint, romantic love and evoking his gifts as a matchmaker.

On the basis of these popular verses, artist Suzana Barros presents an installation of plates of different sizes and designs at the Museum of Lisbon - Saint Anthony, creating an ideal setting for couples to celebrate this day. 

Because love has neither age nor nationality, various popular Portuguese verses are presented to the public (some translated into the foreign languages most used by our visitors when exploring where St. Anthony was born) so that everyone can find inspiration and fall in love. 

7 FEV Prato com quadras de Santo Antonio.jpg

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