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Fragile Lisbon

Photography by Luís Pavão

  • 02 FEB — 31 MAR 10AM - 6PM

02 Feb 2024 — 31 Mar 202410h – 18h

3€ (grants access to the whole venue)

All ages

Luís Pavão (Lisbon, 1954) has photographed a city in transformation since the late 1970s. Jumping from one subject to the other, the photographer has captured almost compulsively customs, environments and moments occurring between public and private spaces that might have gone unnoticed by a less attentive eye.

Based on an archive methodically built up throughout his career, Lisboa Frágil celebrates Luís Pavão's extensive body of work developed from the late 1970s to the 1990s and 2000s.

The exhibition suggests an intimate dialogue between different experiences in an invisible Lisbon, hidden in the familiarity of local and regional communities. Comprising nine subjects, Lisboa Frágil highlights the photographer's desire to document and catalogue a Lisbon that was disappearing as it took the first steps towards its future.


© Luís Pavão