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Guided visit with the photographer

  • 23 MAR 2024 11AM [SOLD OUT]
  • 04 FEB 2024 11AM [SOLD OUT]
  • 09 MAR 2024 3PM [SOLD OUT]

23 Mar 202411h

3€ (access to the entire museum)

+ 10 years old · 90 minutes

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Luis Pavão has always immersed himself in the city, discovering different spaces and photographing their protagonists, positioning himself from the outside though without great physical or mental distance. These incursions into places and events that went unnoticed by the inattentive passer-by were compulsively recorded and carefully archived by the photographer.

Luis Pavão gave names to the people and places that inhabited his photographs: taverns and tavern keepers, drinkers and fado singers, dancers and clubs. Now, on a guided tour of the Lisboa Frágil exhibition, the photographer will speak about his working method and the various worlds into which he immersed himself to develop the different series presented in the exhibition, telling stories about the different experiences he captured and sharing his testimony as a curious spectator of the city's transformations between the 1970s and the 2000s.

The visit on 9 March will also feature a contribution from the exhibition's curator, Laura Covarsí.


© Luís Pavão

Fragile Lisbon