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Lisboa Soa

26 — 28 Aug 202210h – 18h

Free admission

+ 6 years old

Ticket collection at the museum, 10am – 6pm
Performances: ticket collection on the day, from 3pm


Lisboa Soa is an itinerant and participatory sound art festival that values artistic creation, giving it a social and ecological context. This year's theme is Reinvention and the festival will be divided between the Carpintarias de São Lázaro and the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre.


26 AGO | 28 AGO


A series of acoustic listening vessels sensitive to the sound of their environment. Volumes of air inside each vessel vibrate at specific rates, with larger cavities responding to lower pitched sounds and smaller bodies answering to higher registers. A mix of small microphones, transmitters and speakers inside the vessels allow playful exchanges of acoustic space among the objects and their surroundings. The glasses are modelled on scientific resonators dating from the 19c that were used to identify particular tones or notes in the sound of musical instruments. 


26 AGO | 7.30pm



Ocaso is Ricardo Martins’ new creation. It is the continuation of the work developed in Absoluta Incerteza and Chão de Cobras created for Lisboa Soa festival. With drums, voice, sensors, recordings, and modular synthesizers. It celebrates the collapse of song format. Considers the end of the end, the final part of the final part.

27 AGO | 5pm

Riccardo La Foresta presents his latest sound installation, developed in the autumn for the Unsound festival in Krakow: a site-specific installation that blurs the line between sound performance and sound art. A stack of drums, resembling a church organ, creates columns of sound, resonances, and slow arpeggios, revealing a new architecture for the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre.

28 AGO | 6.30pm
555 BUGS

In 555 Bugs Maria Komarova uses found objects and home-made electro-acoustic instruments to create a landscape where elementary materials find new meanings in spontaneous connections between each other. They interact, move, resonate and produce tiny sounds: rustling, crunching, squeaking, creaking. Objects become something else, specific sonic beings with their own qualities. The seeming primitiveness and repetitiveness of the soundscape transports the listener into a world of menthol buzzers, one-eyed sirens, lemon tadpoles, ginger tigers, plastic insects, and other insects.

28 AGO | 19h30

lu:wn is a collaborative project between Dawn Scarfe and Lucia H Chung exploring repetition and resonance within acoustic and electronic systems. The performer is the string of an electric guitar: played without being touched using electromagnetic exciters which listen to the string and direct a sympathetic oscillating field back at it, making it vibrate. The ‘shivers’ of the string are occasionally adjusted with pegs. This sound is then sampled through a secondary looping circuit, creating ‘cascades of consequence’ through feedback in different forms.


28 AGO | 11h30 – 13h
Electronics workshop for children 
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Maria Komarova is an intermedia artist originally from Belarus, who engages mainly in the field of postdramatic theatre, scenography, sound and visual arts. She focuses her artistic practice on the exploration of the agency of objects, various inanimate entities, and discovery of ways of their interaction. She works with the principle of rethinking primary functions of things and conscious misuse of existing technologies.


Raquel Castro artistic director
Hélder Nelson technical director
Rita Maia executive producer​​​​​​​
Tiago Silva e Luís Alcatrão/Ghost Creative Productions produção
Carla Martinez scenographer and artistic assistant​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Carla Isidoro communication and press

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