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Animal remains in Olisipo: What the bones in Lisbon tell us

Dinning at the Roman Theatre

  • 22 SEPT 2021 6PM

22 Sep 202118h

Free admission, subject to prior registration: or 215 818 530

"Animal remains in Olisipo: what the bones in Lisbon tell us", by biologist Simon Davis and zooarchaeologists Cleia Detry and Ana Beatriz Santos, in the September lecture of the cycle "At the Table in the Roman Theatre", which takes place every month with a different theme until March 2022.

In recent years, the number of zoo-archaeological studies from the Roman period in Lisbon has increased, which has allowed us to know a little more about the diet of the Romans in Lusitania, as well as the potential trade networks that would supply the city. Still, there are many unknowns and new ongoing projects are intended to help fill these gaps. The animals most used for food are domestic species such as sheep, goats, pigs and cows, but we also hunt deer, deer, wild boar, rabbits and hares. We also have dog burials in a necropolis, referring to similar contexts in other cities in Lusitania. It will also be interesting to speculate on the role of the Roman villa, the port of Lisbon or the introduction of new races.



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Dinning at the Roman Theatre