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Spring at the Museum

  • 23 –24 MAR 2024 10.30PM
  • 26–27 MAR 2022 10AM–6PM

23 — 24 Mar 202410h30 – 11h15


Spring is the season of regeneration, fertility and abundance.

A period of creation that inspired countless artists, from writers to playwrights and painters, in this season nature blooms, heralding change and new cycles. The beginning of this equinox renews moods and dispositions, and its mild temperature encourages us to leave the house and enjoy the days, which are getting longer and longer.

In the week that marks the return of Spring, poetry and theater, the Museum of Lisbon has prepared a set of activities for families dedicated to words, reading and writing for the weekend.


© Museu de Lisboa

  • Roman Theatre

    Family activities

    • 23 MAR 2024 3PM

    23 Mar 202415h – 16h15

    Rosemary, thyme and pomegranate!

  • Pimenta Palace

    Family activities

    • 23 MAR 2024 10:30am
    • 28 MAY 2023 10:30am

    24 Mar 202410h30 – 11h30

    Biodiversity in the city

  • Pimenta Palace

    Family activities

    • 24 MAR 2024 10:30AM [SOLD OUT]
    • 26 NOV 2023 10:30AM [SOLD OUT]

    24 Mar 202410h30 – 11h45

    My first herbarium