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(Re)discovering the cities beneath Lisbon

Largo de São Martinho and No. 2 Rua da Saudade

04 Aug 202218h – 19h

By Sandra Brazuna, from Era Arqueologia

Free admission, subject to room capacity

The geographical setting of Lisbon near the mouth of a river with the specific characteristics of the Tagus river have supported millennia of human occupation in this city, a condition which the evolution of the urban space itself allows us to (re)discover. 

Through targeted research projects and small (and large) discoveries made during preventive archaeology work carried out within the scope of urban regeneration, fragments of the city's history are recovered, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. 

Actions such as this one to promote knowledge of these (re)discoveries give the community the chance to recover memories of other cities, buried by time and marked by episodes of varying levels of drama.

The archaeological interventions carried out by Era Arqueologia in Largo de São Martinho and in no. 2 Rua da Saudade are a good example of this, allowing us to glimpse fragments of the Roman and medieval/modern city in the area surrounding the Roman Theatre.    

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