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So many nudes!

  • 20 JAN 2024 10.30 am
  • 24 FEB 2024 10.30 am

20 Jan 202410h30 – 11h45

3€ (grants access to the whole venue)

+ 6 years old | 75 minutes

Tickets available at

This activity is conducted in Portuguese

The human body has always inspired artistic creation and this was especially true for the ancient Greeks and Romans, for whom nude sculptures were an expression of great beauty and an ideal of perfection.

The walls of the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre bear many paintings in which the artist Barahona Possollo works on this theme. Who are these people? And why are they all naked? 

In this Play at the Museum visit, which culminates in a drawing and self-portrait activity, youngsters are challenged to think about the self, the other and the we, following paths towards understanding individuality and diversity.

24 FEV_Tantas pessoas nuas_©José Avelar_Museu de Lisboa.JPG

José Avelar © Museum of Lisbon

Beneath and Above