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Tongue in pieces

Teatro Livre

  • 28 OCT 2023 4PM

28 Oct 202316h – 17h

5 €

+12 years old

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Tongue in Pieces is a play by Juan Mayorga, directed by Carla Chambel, which takes us on an intricate journey through the world of Teresa d’Ávila, a figure who challenged the conventions of 16th-century Spanish society.

Teresa firmly believes that “God is between pots and pans”, a progressive and intellectual vision that places the sacred within the scope of everyday life and empowers women to find divinity in their daily lives and repudiate life in a convent. The Inquisitor arrives to close down the house that Teresa rebelliously calls Monastery, casting an ominous shadow over Teresa's search for spiritual connection. This shadow leads her to question the meaning of her devotion and her own existence. We are confronted with our own faith, or lack thereof, placing us in the dichotomy between the truth of feeling and what imagination is.



Cast Beto Coville e Luísa Ortigoso 
Direction Carla Chambel
Assistant director Inês Oneto

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