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Lisbon's Gardens – Agro-Ecological Caravan

14 Nov 202109h30 – 15h30

15 € (includes lunch)


Meeting point: Outside the Aquilino Ribeiro Machado Garden and Horticultural Park (on the corner of Murta Street and Av. Do Brasil)

On a walking trail we visit 3 types of vegetable gardens identified and mapped in the exhibition Lisbon's Vegetable Gardens: From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century and located near the Museum of Lisbon - Palácio Pimenta.

We gain a better understanding of the factors that led to the construction of these different gardens, the way they work and the challenges and joys felt by those who manage and work in them.

In one of the gardens on the tour we take the opportunity to enjoy a light lunch prepared by Chef António Alexandre, based on seasonal and local products from the garden.

The activity ends at around 3pm/3:30pm and the price includes lunch.


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Lisbon’s Vegetable Gardens