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The Future of Lisbon's Vegetable Gardens

Talk with Isabel Rodrigo, Samuel Niza and Sylvain Papillon

11 Nov 202118h – 19h

Free admission, subject to prior registration: ​​​​​​ 

How can the city be supplied with vegetables and produce and how can minimal agri-food circuits be consolidated, bringing producers and consumers closer together and contributing to the food, ecological and energy transition? What role do informal, community or vertical organic production systems such as gardens in backyards and vegetable patches play in this transition?

In the last conversation taking place as part of the exhibition Lisbon Vegetable Gardens: From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century, Isabel Rodrigo (Agronomy Institute), Samuel Niza (Circular – Sustainability Consulting) and Sylvain Papillon (Mouraria Popular Cuisine) will discuss the importance of urban and periurban agriculture in inner city areas and their surroundings and the importance of gardens for city planning and for the well-being of inhabitants.



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Lisbon’s Vegetable Gardens