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Quinta Conde D’Arcos Horticultural Park

  • 30 MAY 2021 11:30AM

30 May 202111h30

Free admission, subject to prior registration: 

The Quinta Conde D’Arcos Horticultural Park is part of an urban park by the same name which is also home to the Municipal Nursery, Gardening School and Paviour School. 
Organised by the Working Group to Promote Urban Farming in Lisbon (GTPAUCL), a partner in the exhibition Lisbon’s vegetable gardens from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, this tour is a journey into the history of this idyllic place, with its 28 emblematic trees. It also meets a community of growers who, through their farming methods, are updating knowledge and promoting urban biodiversity.


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Lisbon’s Vegetable Gardens